Crane以其专有和差异化的技术而自豪, 以及它对客户独特需求的响应能力. These case studies are representative examples of how we leverage our engineering capabilities and deep vertical expertise to create value-added solutions for customers.

流体处理: Tp-410

克兰庆祝TP-410 75周年


75年, 有一种出版物经受住了时间的考验, 这已经成为流体处理行业的主要内容, and that has proven to be a valuable educational resource for multiple generations in the flow of fluids through valves, 管道和配件. 那件奇特的作品是克兰的 技术文件410 (TP-410). 最初由克莱恩公司出版. in 1942 as 流体的流动 handbook, TP-410已经成为工厂工程师的经典指南, technicians, 维修人员, 核电站运营商, 安全工程师, recent college graduates and sales representatives in the selection of the correct equipment and parameters when designing and operating any piping system. The key to its success has been its ability to evolve throughout the decades, 正在进行多次修订和更新,以保持相关性, including the introduction of a software program that offered calculation methods, 管道模拟, 故障排除工具和其他章节. This year, Crane is proud to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the TP-410 and all that it has done towards the advancement and longevity of the industry. 这本书的周年纪念版现已上市. Please click here 订购副本. 观点的文章.

Payment & 营销系统: 出纳员协助单位



在过去的几年里, banks around the globe have started to embrace branch transformation to improve efficiencies and augment the role of the branch staff. As the role of the teller continues to evolve and cash in circulation increases, 手工处理现金已经成为更大的问题.

关键的挑战:传统, 简单的交易,比如现金存款, withdrawals, 支票兑现需要出纳员计数, 手动收取和返还现金. 这些交易不仅增加了柜员排队的时间, but prevented teller participation in more profitable banking responsibilities. Furthermore, the existing 出纳员协助单位s (TAUs) were not equipped with coin handling functionality. 这样的功能限制不利于出纳员的工作效率, considering the coin circulation had been growing at an accelerated rate of 163% since 2009.

解决方案:帮助出纳员更有效、更准确地处理硬币, 全球零售银行需要一个具有硬币分配能力的先进TAU, 所以他们选择了CPI的T-Flex硬币分钞机.

选择CPI的T-Flex硬币分配器, 哪一种几乎是免维护的, 独立的单位, other TAU suppliers are able integrate T-Flex coin dispensers into their own TAU machines. 此外还可以灵活集成, CPI的T-Flex硬币分配器简化了出纳员的硬币交易, 分配变化不到2秒, 每次现金交易节省5到8秒. 剩下的硬币被锁在那个罐子里. CPI’s T-Flex 投币自动售货机 guarantees accurate coin handling as it calculates correct change based on commands from the point of sale system. As a result, banks reduce the need for coin replenishment and have faster shift changeover.

结果:配备了自动硬币和纸币解决方案, tellers at bank branches work more efficiently while shorter wait times increase customer satisfaction. A quicker, more accurate cash handling process enables banks to allocate teller hours on more sophisticated activities, 比如财务咨询, loans, 和抵押贷款服务. To date, more than 1,000 TAU units equipped with CPI’s T-Flex coin dispenser have been installed throughout the United States.

Aerospace & Electronics: 起重机制动控制系统




From the instant a passenger aircraft touches the runway; Crane Aerospace & Electronics’ brake control system is a critical element to assuring the airplane comes to a safe and comfortable stop. 每一次,在任何条件下,没有例外.

起重机设计, qualified, and certified a new Brake Control Unit (BCU) for new single and twin-aisle aircraft. 这个控制单元是系统的大脑, 获取飞机信号输入, 比如车轮上的重量(哇), wheel speed, 自动制动开关位置, 和其他参数, to ensure maximum braking efficiency and minimum stopping distance under all runway environmental conditions.

The BCU utilizes Crane’s latest generation brake control algorithms provide improved braking performance, 特别是在潮湿和结冰的跑道条件下. BCU还提供更新的自动刹车减速水平, based on airline feedback on how this function is used to help minimize pilot workload during a landing and ensure optimum automatic braking during this critical time.

BCU的设计也包含了各种条款, 确保长期的可保障性和可扩展性, 随着新产品增强功能在飞机上的引入.

Working hand in hand with the new BCU, Crane also provides an updated Unigain Antiskid Control Valve. The valves are responsible for ensuring the correct amount of hydraulic pressure is transmitted to the brakes based on the commands it receives from the BCU, 每秒200次. The Unigain Antiskid Control Valve is a product enhancement over the older generation of Unigain Antiskid Control Valves. The Unigain valve provides faster valve response and more consistent brake pressure application. This ensures that modern carbon brakes will wear more evenly and combat in service issues related to thermal oxidation that have been observed.

These enhancements offer additional value to both aircraft manufacturers as well as the airlines.

起重机航空航天 & Electronics brand is centered on advanced solutions, reliable performance and progressive innovation. 这意味着当涉及到刹车控制系统时, Crane is a technology leader whose customers can rest assured passengers will land safely at their destination thanks in part to Crane’s products and solutions.

工程材料: Varietex金沙集合

宁静的墙壁防护 & 宁静的环境


As the first and largest global manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (“FRP”) wall panels, Crane Composites offers a wide range of panels to fit commercial establishments. 倾听这些客户的意见, Crane Composites learned that the architecture and design community desires a larger palette of predefined colors and patterns. Designers want to accent walls with updated FRP colors to complement other finishes for both new and remodel projects.

With the designers needs in mind, Crane Composites launched a new color collection. The VARIETEX Sands Collection has 13 new colors in 2 finishes with natural colors that are drawn from the Earth’s beaches. 就像这些自然奇观保护着海岸线一样, Crane’s durable wall coverings will gracefully stand up to the demanding environment found in commercial buildings. “The new color palette expands the next generation in resilient wall coverings,德鲁·弗兰岑说, 起重机建筑产品部副总裁. “Our Sands Collection provides an aesthetically pleasing look without sacrificing durability and lifecycle costs.”

要查看新的VARIETEX Sands Collection,请访问 cranecomposites.com/sands.